Feel the Soothing Relief of Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep Breathing ExercisesStress reducing and nerve saving benefits come quickly to those willing to commit to deep breathing exercises. The benefits begin as an opening of blood vessels, a sense of oxygenation to the brain and a pleasing rise in energy to the body, progressing eventually to a state of full relaxation.

Start a morning ritual of deep breathing exercises and you’ll be rewarded with increased concentration and focus. Usual annoyances such as heavy traffic and workplace difficulties become easier to handle. Imagine sitting in a comfortable position every morning and breathing until nothing else exists, centering your thoughts before opening the door to the outside.

Obstacles to Healthy Breathing

Simple exercises can be surprisingly hard to master at first. Habits of the body are hard to break, especially when fighting daily stress. It takes time to educate the brain to kick back a few notches and relax, but continued perseverance in the exercise will yield positive results over the following days and weeks. Masters of eastern philosophy have been practicing deep breathing exercises for centuries, and they know a life of increased health, a never-ending flow of healthy energy and serenity. All you need do is teach your brain to accept this new way of living, the new tempo to life that you seek, an intent to rise above the stresses responsible for ill health, and then embrace the change fully. Make the exercises a part of every day, morning and night.

Let’s Practice Some Deep Breathing

At its simplest, deep breathing exercises are a combination of the physical and the mental, a blend of mind and body. You employ the power of the mind to visualize the breath as a force of energy, as a bright light entering the body. Expand your lungs to match this thought and intimately feel the cool breath passing through the nose, into the throat and filling the lungs all the way down to the top of the stomach. Many variations exist to enhance the experience, but it’s the power of your own visualization and lungs that bring solace and relaxation to your body. Try breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, relaxing the tongue and parting the lips slightly so you can feel the breath exiting in a cool flow across the tongue. Add a visualization of bright light entering the body with the breath and then of dark, unhealthy energy being expelled. There’s little limit to how you can vary the breathing and visualization. Indeed, entire branches of yoga disciplines have formed around deep breathing exercises.

Breathing is Life

While the first signs of deep breathing exercises are small but positive, perhaps a greater clarity of thought and a feeling of increased health, there are greater benefits are to be found if you continue the exercises. New peace and serenity will flow into your life, and you’ll deal with problems with more confidence and authority. The future is as bright as the as your new, heightened mental awareness.