Types Of Addiction Treatment

There are many different types of addiction, and many different effective treatments for each type of addiction. Below are just a few of the different addictions we treat here at Recovery Restart.

Alcohol Addiction / Alcoholism Treatment

Identifying and accepting the problem is crucial before alcohol addiction treatment can become truly effective. The acceptance that you can no longer use alcohol as a social substance is a huge turning point that will change your life. You’ll finally be ready to deal with both the mental and physical symptoms of the condition and repair damaged relationships as part of the long road to recovery. Alcohol addiction/alcoholism treatment is a process where you will dive deep into your being in order to access every reserve of strength you possess. Admitting the addiction isn’t a weakness or a sign you lack in some area. Admitting addiction takes incredible strength of character and once you’ve faced the problem you can finally begin to move forward with opening yourself to all of the tools available from alcohol addiction treatment.

Alcoholism / Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Therapy and group sessions are time tested and effective methods of applying alcohol addiction treatment. There’s great comfort in sitting with others who are dealing with the same issue. Strong bonds form a unity of thought in battling the insidious nature of addiction. Group therapy is a cathartic experience. Those suffering from addiction admit to the mistreatment of loved ones and occasions where they felt out of control.

Drug Addiction Treatment

The first step in drug addiction treatment involves pinpointing what exactly makes the patient want to use drugs. Drug abuse may have been a misguided tool for protecting oneself from a traumatic experience or a way to cope with loss. It is important to find out what circumstances or thought patterns lead to cravings so that the patient and therapist can work together to manage them in a healthy manner. Individuals will learn how to resist and even counter their urges with confidence and a positive self perception.

The most essential part of drug addiction treatment is the elimination of any trace of the abused substance from the body. This may be a gradual procedure or it may happen overnight; the addiction to certain drugs, like heroin, often require substitute substances to assist the patient in the detoxification process. The end goal is to have a refreshed, drug-free body.

Detoxification may be done on an out- or in-patient basis, depending on the type of addiction and the situation of the patient. However, different drugs present different withdrawal effects, from anxiety and nausea to vomiting and diarrhea.

There are several different types of therapy that may be implemented in drug addiction treatment. Two of the most effective include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Group Therapy.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy combines the approaches of cognitive therapy with those of behavioral therapy. The therapist will attempt to identify negative thought patterns that may influence an individual to use drugs and teach the patient how to overcome those feelings. The patient will learn to live a drug-free life by following a personal, detailed regimen.

Group Therapy provides and opportunity for those who are undergoing drug addiction treatment to share their feelings and develop supportive relationships with each other. This reduces feelings of isolation that patients may experience, for they are presented with evidence that they have social support.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

When your loved one is enrolled in a prescription drug addiction treatment program, the first step is to detox the body of the drug. As is the case with other drugs, the body becomes dependent on the drug in order to function. It is important for the mind to rid itself of the prescription drug as well. Sometimes an addiction is not physical addiction to the chemical, but a psychological addiction where the person has convinced themselves they need it. Because of this, it is important to seek the services of a trained prescription drug addiction treatment professional. Professionals generally have been there and know how to deal with the addiction. This makes the treatment a very valuable treatment for both you and your loved ones.

Internet Addiction Treatment

There are many different forms of Internet addiction. The most common is cybersex and porn addiction. Because these objects are so readily available, it is difficult for someone to break the binds of these objects. Pornography and adult chat room occasional visitations do not mean an individual has a necessary issue or problem (regardless of your personal opinions of it), but it can quickly spiral out of control and an individual, once they start missing out on their normal activities, it is time to begin seeking Internet addiction treatment.

Cyber relationship addiction is a newer form of addiction that is coming to the foreground. Because of all of the social media and dating websites, it is possible to create relationships with individuals over the Internet, instead of in person. While dating websites are designed to bring people together and eventually meet face to face, someone who starts to avoid human interactions and simply cyber dates people from across the planet, it is causing them to miss out on the important aspects of life and it needs addressing with Internet addiction treatment.

Net compulsions come in different forms. This can be gambling, stock trading and buying and selling items online through eBay or just shopping for clothes and other services through the Internet. While these different areas are all fine and good in their own right, it is possible to become addicted to the thrill of gambling over the Internet, the need to continually check stocks and to buy or sell stocks at a moments notice, or to simply buy items online, as these items are right there in front of the viewer and as the money is transferred digitally through a credit or debit card, it is hard to actually visualize what is taking place. With all of these issues, it is easy to fall under the grasp of the Internet, and in order to avoid serious consequences and fallout with family, other friends or work, it is so important for you to seek out Internet addiction treatment for your loved one.

Sex Addiction Treatment

The coping skills needed to set boundaries are nonexistent in a sex addict’s life. This explains why many of them feel ashamed and depressed after they have engaged in a compulsive sexual act. Recovery Restart has a compassionate, respectful staff that are there to help an individual seek sexual addiction treatment without making them feel ashamed about their compulsive sexual behavior.

Hormonal disorders, sexual abuse in childhood, family background or false perceptions of self may all be underlying reasons why someone becomes a sex addict which is why sexual addiction treatment at Recovery Restart’s treatment center integrates psychological, medical or physiological methods to help the addict regain control of their life.