Partial Hospitalization Program

As you watch your loved one suffer through addiction, you probably have gone to great lengths in order to find ways to seek help and treatment for them. However, you also might know that they would never be able to spend extended periods of time alone and away from your family, as they might have a special bond with you that prevents them from being away for long periods of time. This is where partial hospitalization program offerings come into play. the partial hospitalization program is a combination of at home help and going to the clinical for treatment. This form of treatment is used for both individuals suffering from mental conditions and those with addiction problems. There are many different benefits associated with the partial hospitalization program, which is why it is a valuable offering for you to consider.

For starters, your loved one needs to detox. Depending on the partial hospitalization program, they might need to detox either at home or inside the center first. You need to check in with this to see what the options are. If you have never been through a detox process before and the partial hospitalization program does offer it, you might want to consider it. As the body becomes dependent on a drug, the body ends up requiring it in order to function. When it comes without the drug, it starts to revolt and can end up causing some rather serious side effects, ranging from vomiting to cold sweats, hot and cold flashes and several other issues that might come up. If you are able to stay with your loved one throughout the entire process, it is often more comfortable for them to be in a familiar place, but you need to stay with them throughout the duration, which can often take upwards of a week to completely rid the body of the drug, depending on the kind of drug and the severity of the addiction.

The Perks

The partial hospitalization program is going to allow your loved one to go to clinical for their daily treatment services (it is not always daily, but it generally starts off more frequently and starts to taper off as the program continues). This way, they are able to receive the necessary attention required and you can still go about your daily routine. However, it is very important to understand that for the partial hospitalization program to work, your loved one must be under constant supervision. If they are not, they are only going to end up looking for the drug of choice again. While the body is free of the drug, the mind is not after such a short period of time, and it is the mind that tells the body it needs it. Due to this, you need to be able to continually be with your loved on. If not, the partial program is not something for you and instead you need to look for a program that is going to ensure they have supervision and are in a controlled environment for the entirety of the day.