Holistic Services

There are many ways to treat addiction. Substance abuse addiction makes the entire being ill. To succeed in recovery from addiction, the person as a whole needs to heal all parts of their life. Once the physical part of healing has begun, the addict is more apt to embrace holistic healing. Including holistic services with a drug treatment program improves the chance of success.
Holistic Services -Whole Body Healing

Statistics show that the holistic approach to drug rehab insures success of over 70 percent. The holistic process looks at the entire being of an addicted person to learn why the patient is addictive. Once the cause is identified, the mind, body and spirit are treated and complete healing can be achieved.

All paths take us to the same place, which is to succeed in your recovery and enhance your life. We are not saying that holistic services are the only path to success, however, one must choose a particular path of healing and do the work that path revolves around in order to succeed.  Holistic services take a different approach to addiction by believing that the addict can be completely healed and free from the disease.

Set up for Success

Holistic services approach to addiction is to heal the entire being. Detoxing the addictive substances are completely removed by using many methods of detox. The belief is that if all the excess substances are gone, the addiction will be as well. The way the substance is removed from the body is by utilizing medical saunas, exercise, nutritional supplements and nutritio. Small amounts of the addictive substance are stored in fatty tissue. Getting fit and healthy will eliminate fatty tissue, thus removing the substance.

Once the body is cleansed of all toxins, a holistic service will concentrate on the emotional healing. This part of healing will involve the family as well as the patient. They will attend intensive therapy sessions to get to the root of the addiction. Through therapy sessions, the patient will continue to heal and begin to enjoy life without addiction and the problems that come with it. The whole person heals and the healing will spread to encompass the former addict\’s life.  Holistic healing is healing the whole person, not just the addiction, but also the adverse effect on everything in their life. Once the addict is healed, they can once again enjoy life, family, work and play.

Choosing holistic services to help your addiction is the right choice to heal the entire person, not just the substance abuse. This increases the chance of success over coming addiction. Once the patient is holistically healed, an addiction free life can be lived.