Seaside Rehabilitation

Seaside Rehabilitation

Based on numerous studies, many facilities are incorporating seaside rehabilitation as a form of therapy for people who want to reach sobriety. The concept of being near a beach to help patients reach a greater sense of well-being is not new. Although scientists have only recently begun studying the ocean’s benefits on health, it has long been observed as an effective mode for individuals to achieve greater well-being.

Seaside Rehabilitation in Palm Beach Florida

Recovery Restart is a unique substance abuse outpatient half-way treatment house located in Palm Beach, FL. It understands that the journey to recovery takes many positive steps and countless hours of hard work for a patient to reach success. Their compassionate expert team of physicians, clinical coordinators and therapy counselors can relate to the challenges recovering addicts may be facing and offer the support and skills needed to help these individuals overcome their struggles.

Seaside rehabilitation is a very effective method being used at the facility to help patients reach wellness and emotional healing. Tailored-specifically to each individual, it is a program aimed to support the needs of adults in a holistic way by integrating fitness, nutrition, natural pain management and group therapy to support the mind, body and soul.

Before treatment begins, each patient is given a complete confidential assessment to determine whether or not there is an appropriate level of treatment to fit their circumstances. Next, a realistic goal for recovery is outlined through Recovery Restart’s community housing facilities; in this way, patients can focus on and take advantage of the opportunities to participate in intensive treatment outside of the facility and actively pursue long-term recovery programs.

What Recovery Restart Offers

The treatment offered at Recovery Restart is not solely based on medication but is counsel oriented. It is an important aspect of their program to help clients pinpoint and change the negative behaviors that may have led them on the path to addiction. Recovery Restart utilizes the Neurogistics wellness program providing balance to the patient mentally while offering substance (alcohol and drugs) abuse treatment services.

Supported by a proven track record of clinical practices, Recovery Restart believes that the key to their successful treatment services lies in their approach. Rather than just focusing on completing steps, this facility offers seaside rehabilitation as an option for patients to reach their goals through specialized counseling programs and superb ancillary services such as: wellness and fitness programs, daily meditation, goal-setting sessions, 12-Step meetings, psychiatric, psychological, medical and body cleansing sessions. Aside from individual therapy, patients also receive family therapy, group counseling, group therapy and group recreational activities, as well as crisis intervention and relapse prevention.

At Recovery Restart’s Palm Beach, Florida retreat, patients can have the peace of mind knowing that they will not be tucked away in a typical institutional setting; they will be provided with customized services that are compatible to the facility’s seaside rehabilitation program to address a range of acute and ongoing issues they may be experiencing.