Meet Recovery Restart’s Compassionate Team

Meet the Team 13

Alex Lind

Staff Director
Sauda Harris Clinical Director

Sauda Harris, MS, LMHC

Clinical Director Lic #:MH11053
Recovery Restart - Rovner Daniel - Clinical Therapist

Rovener Daniel

Recovery Restart - Gloria Ahlman - CAC, Clinical Therapist & Case Manager

Gloria Ahlman

CAC, Clinical Therapist & Case Manager
Recovery Restart - Denise Minshew - Marketing Director

Denise Minshew

Marketing and Outreach
Recovery Restart - Kathy - Admissions Coordinator

Kathy Reed

Admissions Coordinator
Recovery Restart - Chrystal Crawford Book Keeping

Chrystal Crawford

Bookkeeping & Human Resources
N. John

N. John Lombardi

Program Director
Recovery Restart - Jessica Reception

Jessica Yates

Administrative Assistant
Recovery Restart - Nick - Behavioral Health Technician

Nick Tucker

BHT Supervisor
Recovery Restart - Raheem Byrd - BHT

Raheem Byrd

Behavioral Health Technician
Recovery Restart - Dan Crocitto - Behavioral Health Technician

Dan Crocitto

Behavioral Health Technician

Our Team All Together

Recovery Restart Staff Group Photo

Recovery Restart’s Professional Support Staff

Meet the Team 27

Alison Sailer

Music Therapy – Palm Beach Music Institute
Meet the Team 28

Catherine Rich

Art Therapy – Art Affects, LLC
Meet the Team 24

Kehan Rahming, BA

Certified Personal Fitness Instructor