Kenya's Killer Brew

Kenya’s Killer Brew – Angry Wives Take Drastic Measures

Kenya has a new problem, and it’s a dangerous type of alcohol being brewed by the locals. It’s not just dangerous, it’s actually killing people, and not just in the ways normal commercial alcohol kills people. These people are dying from multiple health complications related to drinking it, mostly because of what’s in it that wouldn’t normally be there. Spicing it with extremely dangerous chemicals makes it cheaper and more effective, but that doesn’t come without dire consequences.

The “killer brew” is brewed like regular home-brewed beer but is laced with ethanol, and perhaps something else, making it extremely deadly to consume. The brew is so addicting that people are dying from the withdrawal symptoms almost as frequently as they are from the alcohol its self.

Dangerous In More Ways Than Once

The problem is so bad that William Kabogo, governor of Kenya’s Kiambu County, almost accidentally set himself on fire trying to burn a large stock that had been seized by authorities. Don’t worry, he’s okay. He says “we are winning this war” but it’s hard to tell at this point if there has been much improvement or not. Much like America’s War On Drugs, it’s extremely difficult to gauge what is and what isn’t working and whether or not the efforts to stamp out the problem are worth the cost. If they’re not, then different measures need to be taken. One thing is for sure: there is no cost too great to save lives.

Since the killer brew has become popular, Kenya instated a nation-wide ban on all home-brewed alcohol. The home brews are blamed for “high levels of alcoholism” and “impotence” by the locals. In fact, a lot of Kenyan wives are extremely upset and threatening to cut of their husbands’ genitals if they drink the brew. There is a business man who has even developed a sort of chastity belt for the men to wear to protect their family jewels.

Easy To Get

The killer brew is extremely popular in places where it’s difficult to obtain commercial alcohol. Some parts of Kenya don’t have any commercial alcohol, where other parts might have it, but the price is inflated due to cost of import and stock.

Over 70 people have died from the beer and the number continues to rise with each passing day. At one point, the alcohol could be purchased at bars, in stores, and on the street. Since the government’s crack down, it’s being made and sold in the same way illicit drugs are. There are killer brew distributors and dealers on the streets, and people who know it’s cheap and effective are still actively seeking it out daily.

Combating Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a major issue around the world. People of all nationalities find themselves addicted to alcohol and other substances. Some countries don’t have the healthcare professionals necessary to combat the issue. Some countries do, but the cost of counseling is too high to be afforded to those who are addicted to a substance. Luckily, we can help. Give us a call for a free consultation.