Flakka – A Dangerous Designer Drug

Quick Look At Flakka:

Street Names: Gravel, $5 Insanity.

What Is It: The newest type of “bath salt”.

How Is It Used: Mostly smoked through a vaporizer, but can also be smoked in joints, snorted, or injected. It is rarely take orally.

Side Effects May Include: Psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, severe hallucinations, heart problems, aggression.

What Does It Look Like: A foul smelling crystal like substance that can be white to pink. Like crystal rock candy.

How It Is Made: Flakka is typically made outside the United States and then brought in. Sometimes, it is made here at home though to cheapen the cost for drug dealers.

 The Details Of Flakka:

As I’m sure you’ve seen, a lot of people have started using “vapes” or e-cigarettes now. Now though, some people are using them to take drugs. It can be easily hidden and smoked almost anywhere. This has led to an increase in demand for designer drugs like flakka.

Designer drugs like flakka are usually made in “street labs” that aren’t regulated in any way. These are usually far more dangerous than any organic drug, or even other designer drugs that have existed before.

Flakka is usually taken using these “vapes”, but some have smoked it from other devices, or they snorted or injected it. Despite the U.S. Governments “War on Drugs”, drug culture is continuing to rise and grow stronger. Most drugs are still made or grown outside the U.S., but that’s changing.

Some drugs, like flakka, are even bought online using whats known as the “dark web”, then they are shipped to your door. Flakka is one of these that is for the most part made outside the U.S., then shipped in to buyers.

It is very similar to bath salts, and even crystal meth. Even the high and side effects are very similar. Because of what flakka is, and how easy it is to take it and hide, it is one of the more dangerous drugs available.

Here in South Florida, flakka use has been growing rapidly. If you see a crazy story involving a Floridian, there is a possibility drugs like flakka were involved. Even though many try to conceal it when they have flakka, it will be notices the moment the high kicks in.

The side effects of flakka are many, but some of the major side effects are extreme violence, paranoia, anxiety, psychosis, severe hallucinations, and heart problems. While some are internal, most of these would be pretty obvious.

Don’t Use Flakka

While it is extremely dangerous to take flakka, it can be just as dangerous to be around someone who is taking flakka. There have been cases of assault, and even one man getting his face bitten off. Please, avoid taking flakka or being around it.

If you know someone, or you are someone, who is addicted to flakka or other substances, please contact us. Our qualified staff is here to help you as soon as possible. Please, don’t wait another second.

Things Recently Done By People On Flakka

Man On Flakka Fights Police, Has Sex With Tree (April 20, 2015)

A man was running naked through a neighborhood in Melbourne, then attempted to have sex with a tree. When police tried to stop, and then tazer him for resisting, he pulled out the probes and tried to stab the officer with his badge while telling him he was “Thor”.

Man On 3 Day Flakka Drug Bender Shoots Friend In Face (April 10, 2015)

Friends decided to have a 3 day drug bender starting with flakka, and ending with molly and vodka. At one point, one of the friends was trying to unload a firearm while intoxicated, and shot the weapon through his car into the other man’s face.

Man Impaled While Trying To Climb A Fence On Flakka (March 20, 2015)

A man tried to scale a fence of a police department while high on flakka, impaling himself on a foot long spike and left hanging. Luckily, a fire truck was right there to take him down and treat his injuries.

Man On Flakka Tries To Kick In Door At Police Station (March 11, 2015)

A man broke into a police station by throwing rocks and kicking the door in. He was seeking shelter because he thought he was being chase while high on flakka.

Man Attacks 82 Year Old Woman (March 9, 2015)

A man was casually talking with his brother when he suddenly felt like someone was going to try an kill him. He ran down the street, knocked on an 82 year old women’s door, attacked her, then ran back down the street and collapsed.