how to conduct an intervention

How To Conduct An Intervention For Men

When addiction spirals out of control, it hurts everyone in its sphere of influence. It’s not just the addict that suffers, but his friends, his family, his coworkers, and especially his loved ones. Whether it involves a behavioral problem or a drug or alcohol addiction, it doesn’t take much for a tragedy to happen. With that said, an addiction doesn’t have to end in tragedy. The people in an addict’s life can hold an intervention, and push him towards a safer, healthier lifestyle. While it takes effort to plan and properly execute an intervention, said effort can save a life. If you need to know how to conduct an intervention for men, then this guide can offer the direction you need.

Preparing for an Intervention

In order to help an addict, you’ll need to have everything planned in advance. If the actual intervention goes awry, you’ll risk alienating the addict and could even drive him even further down the path of alcoholism or drug addiction. The best way to make sure you’re making the right decisions is to enlist the aid of a professional. Registered interventionists, mental health counselors, and social workers are available, so make use of them as needed. More than 90% of interventions that feature an outside expert lead to addicts seeking help.

Still, you’ll need to make various preparations before going too far. Decide who you want to take part in the intervention among the addict’s social circle, but make sure that they’re all people the addict genuinely likes or trusts. Share information about the addiction and the circumstances surrounding the loved one in question, so that everyone can know all the details beforehand. You’ll also want to make sure you have a proper place to stage the intervention, not only to accommodate the team members but also to guarantee that the addict shows up without suspecting a trap. Be sure to know in advance what you and the others will say, even if it means having a rehearsal before the actual event.

Press for Change

The end goal of an intervention is to convince the addict to seek treatment for his drug or alcohol addiction, and start to make positive changes throughout his life. You should expect resistance and denial throughout, but you and your friends can overcome it as long as you act accordingly. A key point to remember is that you should all stay calm as you talk with the addict. Respond calmly and rationally to the objections he brings up, but don’t be afraid to offer support as needed. Similarly, you’re welcome to show love, honesty, and a reasonable amount of emotion during the intervention. As long as you stay focused, you stand a better chance of helping him.

Each member of the intervention team should have a chance not only to speak, but to explain how the addict’s actions have impacted their lives. Additionally, they should come prepared to issue an ultimatum that details what they plan to do if the addict doesn’t get the help he needs. They can still give reminders that they have high hopes, but the important thing is that the addict needs to see the ramifications of his alcoholism, his drug addiction, or simply his actions in general.

Given that the intervention is designed to take the addict by surprise, it’s unlikely that he has a plan laid out for his treatment or recovery. You and your friends will have to decide that in advance, and then relay the information to him as a possible course of action. Whether it involves arrangements for child care or counseling sessions, it’s important to show that there’s a path that leads away from addiction. If more coercion is needed, then be sure to remind the addict that he won’t be able to make the same reckless choices. If he does, then you, his friends, his family, and everyone around him will refuse to bail him out of trouble.

Commit to a Genuine Effort

An intervention for men is an important step in the healing process, but it’s not the last. Cooperate with your friends to help your loved one in his time of need, and make sure he goes through the proper treatments. If you stand by him and show your love, then he’ll have a better chance at making a recovery.