Combatting Alcoholism In Palm Beach County

24401023_s (1)WE DON’T WANT YOU IN OUR ALCOHOL TREATMENT CENTER…unless, that is, you really want to get help.

Are you truly motivated to put an end to your issues with alcohol and look at tomorrow with a more optimistic face?

Are you doing this for yourself and not just so your family or friends will “get off your case”?

Yes, we’ll treat anyone who comes to us for help and whom we really feel we can help. But we have our best success with clients who truly want to make a recovery.

Not with clients who are counting the days till they get out of the program so they can start drinking again.

But just for the moment, suppose you are reading this because someone nagged you into it.

Did you ever stop to think of what alcoholism is doing to you — physically and emotionally? Physically it’s robbing you of your health, your strength…and potentially, eventually of your life. Emotionally it’s driving a wedge between you and those you care about: your family, your friends.

It’s also jeopardizing your livelihood. If drinking impacts on how well you do your job, or if you do a poor job because of frequent hangovers, or if those hangovers result in your calling off work too often, you may be putting your employment at risk.

And if you’re your own boss, you may be sending your business straight down the tubes, messing up big-time…and all because your desire to drink is getting the best of you.

Wouldn’t you like to take back control of your life? Wouldn’t you like to wake up clear-headed, with a spring in your step? Wouldn’t you like to drive without fear of being pulled over — or, worse, causing an accident? Wouldn’t you like to be more efficient and effective at work? Wouldn’t you like to win back the affections of your family members?

Wouldn’t you like to know that you are in control of your life, rather than alcohol being in control of you?

Then maybe you are motivated to conquer your illness — and maybe you would be a good candidate for our program.

You don’t have to call us. Don’t call us if you don’t want to get well. Don’t call us if you’re doing it only to please someone else.

But if you have a sincere desire to get well…to make your life better…to have brighter days ahead…to improve your relationships…to really make a difference in your life.

We’re standing by. We’d love to hear from you.